Pupils' Achievement in English and Teacher Competencies

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The Problem and Its Background


For many years, educators and researchers have debated which school variables influence student achievement. As policy-makers became more involved in school reform, this suggestion takes on new importance since their many initiatives rely on presumed relationships between various education-related factors and learning outcomes. Some researches have suggested that “schools bring little influence to bear upon a child’s achievement test is independent of his background and general social context.” (Coleman et. al. 1966; Jenks et. al. 1972). Other evidence suggests that factors like class size (Glass, et. al. 1982; Mosteller, 1995), teacher qualification (Ferguson, 1991), school size (Holler, 1993), and other school variables may play an important role in influencing learning.

As new standard for new learning continues to be introduced in the country, hence, greater attention is given to the role teacher plays in student achievement. While some evidence suggests that better qualified teachers may make a difference in student learning at the school and district levels. There is also increasing inquiry into the exact predictors that affect teacher efficiency vis-à-vis student level of achievement. Teaching competence and teacher impact on students may largely determine whether or not the student will fail or succeed in his studies.

Through students’ individual differences need to be considered in the teaching-learning process, a very challenging role of improving mankind and enlightening the world to guide the young to the right path lies in the teacher’s hands. Likewise, the educational progress of our country relies on the young generation who needless to say, will bear the progeny of this country. Hence, the vital role of teachers in shaping the country’s leaders and workers lie in the…...