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Puppies Are Cute.

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A medium sized or a large sized facility would be the best place for this type of financial policy. This financial policy allows the patient and staff understand what to expect pertaining to the finances. This financial policy explains to the patient to up date their information in case of any changes that may occur. The financial policy also states the information to the patients about the payment being due at the time of the appointment no matter if the insurance company doesn’t pay. Preauthorization and referrals was discussed explaining to the patient that it is their responsibility to obtain the referral and authorization to the insurance company. Any extra information needed about the patient from the insurance company is the responsibility of the patient. The insurance company has to be notified of any new information as it occurs. This financial policy is very self explanatory and easy to read and understand. The financial policy explains about returned checks, self pay, insurance policies, claims submission, past due amounts, prepayment plans, and payment arrangements. Keeping a financial policy allows the patient and the staff to understand the policy better. It helps to inform them of the responsibilities each party has. The financial policy helps to ensure all questions are answered before service is rendered. Problems can arise if the financial policy is not followed. There is a policy for a reason and it has to be followed to stop any errors from happening. Everyone will be held accountable for following the guidelines set in the financial policy. At the time of service a copy will be signed by the patient and kept on file for any future mishaps. Once the financial policy has been read and signed there will be no room for any errors. Everyone will be clear of their responsibilities and what is expected from them. Good communication is the key to anything successful. This medical office’s expectations are spelled out and expected to be followed by the patients and the staff.

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