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Purchasing Process

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Purchasing process
The buying proses depend of the consumer needs. From the different consumer needs the proses make differently.

When my headphones were broken it became my big problem that created new needs to buy another headphones. I didn’t know anything about the different kind of headphones I decided to make a research, because I am the person who thinks that the price should be equal to quality of the good.
First of all before buying anything I try to find more information about the product in the social media, like blogges, facebook, google and read the comments of different people. After all I asked my friends’ advice what kind of good I suppose to buy. From the all our conversation and the information from the social media I made a conclusion about what brand and type is better. After that I went to big technical stores in order to try and test the product that I prefer. There I didn’t only test the product and also I knew about other type of goods and brands. I was interested in the quality of the headphones’ sound an also I would like it to be comfortable for me to wear it. On the other hand I didn’t care about their brand, color, design, ads and ctr.
After the whole testing proses I choose three types of the headpones and I make a research about it price through the internet. Then I call to different stores where this type of the product does exist and chose the better price for me( the cheapest one) and I go there and I buy it or if its possible I order it to deliver it to my...

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