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Purchasing a House

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The two principles that play a major role in my decision to move out into a bigger home

is: “trade off” and “Incentives” I understand that I like my studio apartment and if I only had one

child it would still due until the child is ready for school. But in this case I’m having twins and

need to make the decision now to move to a bigger home. I like my apartment but, I must think

of the wellbeing of my children and how they will grow up if they the home is too small. The

fact that I’m having twins makes my decision much more urgent to make.

When dealing with the economy decision-making becomes a lot harder to make. Not only

for myself but for my children as well. The need to find a new home is now the top of the line

because I have two kids and not one. I like where I’m at but I must think of my kids so I have to

trade off my original home for a bigger home for them. The response to the incentive to move

has gotten a lot more urgent. This may mean that I have to dip into my savings or add more

money to my savings until I’m ready to have my kids.

Marginal benefits and cost are ideas that go with one or more units. When purchasing a

home this usually a choice with purchasing one, zero, or all benefits and cost. The concept of

marginal may lose its meaning. The power of the economy can affect home ownership because

places the value of the home. Buying a house is the most costly asset and will affect a person’s


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