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FALL 2013


The research paper will replace a final exam. The paper will be due by November 26th, submitted via Blackboard. Grades for papers received after November 26th will be reduced by 10 points per day (100 points maximum grade).

Topics for the research paper may be one of the following:

1. A discussion with your point of view on a current purchasing or supply management issue, for example:

- What should purchasing managers be doing to deal with fluctuating commodity prices in the future? - How has e-Procurement impacted Purchasing’s approach to negotiating with suppliers? - Should companies continue to use outsourcing as a key purchasing strategy? - What are companies doing to create sustainable purchasing and supply management processes and products?

2. Research on how a specific company has developed new strategies and/or techniques to its supply chain and supplier relationships. IBM, Wal Mart, or Proctor & Gamble might be good choices.

3. Research on a significant purchasing issue from the past. The story of I. Lopez who headed up Purchasing at both Volkswagen and then General Motors is a good example.

Topics must be approved by me in advance. Submit a brief statement of the topic and what you intend to do in terms of fact gathering, literature investigation, etc. Topics should be submitted by October 1st.

Your paper should be 8 - 10 type written pages, excluding cover page, table of contents, and bibliography. Use one inch margins, 12 point font, and double spacing. Supporting information such as charts, spreadsheets, pictures, etc. are not included in the required page count. If you quote directly from a journal, newspaper, or the internet, you must cite the source. Using someone else’s words as your own is...

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...Evolution of PURCHASING YEAR II SEMESTER I INETRNATIONAL TRANSPORTATION MANAGEMENT AND LOGISTICS BATCH (08) * SUBJECT NAME - INTRODUCTION TO LOGISTICS * ASSIGNMENT - EVOLUTION OF PURCHASING * GROUP NO - (04) * GROUP MEMBERS - SACHINTHA SIRIWARDENE (0021) UJITH PRAMODA (0022) SANDESHA KATIPEARACHCHI () HESHAN WIJETHILAKA () GIHAN FERNANDO () NILANKA DILSHANI () CONTENT (1.0) What is purchasing? (2.0) Purchasing Process. (3.1) Recognizing a need (3.2) Identifying a Supplier (3.3) Qualifying and Placing an order (3.4) Monitoring and managing the delivery process (3.5) Evaluating the purchase and the supplier (3.0) History of Purchasing. (4.6) Origins of purchasing/Procurement (4.7) Procurement developments in ancient history. (4.0) Purchasing Goals. (5.8) Broad purchasing goals (5.9) Different purchasing goals and their priorities (5.0) Importance of purchasing for an Organization. (6.0) New Trends in purchasing. (7.10) e-Purchasing (7.11) Values of e-Purchasing (7.12) Procurement outsourcing (7.13) Values of Procurement outsourcing (7.0) Conclusion. (1.0) What is Purchasing? For most organization purchasing means buying goods to resell or carry out operations or to manufacture products. “Purchasing......

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