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England was catholic, and the Catholic Church was the dominant. Henry IIIV broke up with the Catholic Church because he wanted to devote and his wife was the Ant of the holy Roman emperor. So he requested from John Calvin and Martin Ruther to give him a new religion. So The Protestants started by John Calvin and Martin Ruther, but England remained catholic for awhile it is only after 20 years they created protestant. Then became the protestant Anglican (English brand) Henry was not interested in protestant or Catholics, he just wanted to devote. A sect came out from protestant which called puritans, they were strict, and no one can stand them especially Henry IIIV because they did not like his acts. So he gave them the charter that allowed them to occupy America and make it land for them.
The most important purpose of their colonization is to incite the native; they said that they want to convert Indians so they want to put teeth on it. However this is not the real purpose, they just wanted the land. England announced their right before they even reach America. They attacked the Indians without a warning and the murdered a lot, and any land without a house and farm is free for them to take. They forbid the Indians from doing their Rituals because it is sorcery as they said! This case led to war, Indian had to have a reaction, so it led to violence.

The revolution
England was biased to English against America. America hated western because they were a trouble maker. They were paying taxes to England and they couldn’t own land, you had to have permission to invest, and aristocrats might say 50/50. This case led to revolution which caused a reformation. So the reformation brings new European state but these states are still monarchy and have feudal systems. But new economical systems…...