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Purpose and Organization of Policing in the United States

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Purpose and Organization of Policing in the United States

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Organization and Purpose of Policing in the United States
Policing in the US is civilian and is financed and managed by local governments. Most of the law enforcement agencies in the US are local, and a few represent special jurisdictions like university police and park police. Other agencies include state agencies and federal agencies. The majority of the police personnel work for local agencies, while the remaining work for federal law enforcement and special jurisdiction agencies.
The major constituents of United States policing are both local, and they include departments of municipal police in the towns, villages, and counties. These two agencies are characterized by their size as they are small, and the fact that they are independent of one another (Eterno & Das, 2011). There is no hierarchy in policing among and between agencies. It only applies to individual agencies and not between agencies.
Police usually perform their duties in the fields, mainly at the local and state stages. They do not need direct supervision (Conser, Paynich & Gingerich, 2012). Most of the duties performed by the police are undercover duties that entail making of low profile judgments. Most of these judgments do not require any accountings or arrest. Information in police departments is decentralized, and all important police knowledge is said to be detailed and contextual. To add on that, good investigations that lead to arrests are usually rewarded and recognized by the police agencies. Intelligence is not measured and rewarded in the police force (Eterno & Das, 2011). Cases of crimes are usually given to individuals in the police force, and an evaluation is conducted by looking at how they...

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