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Marichen Rasmussen
Lecturer: Ms. Susan Muller
Public Speaking 1201
14 April 2014
Persuasive Speech Sentence Outline: Water Pollution
I. Introduction/Attention
a. Did you know that 36 states in the U.S.A. are facing water shortages?
b. Water pollution impacts ever facet of our lives, therefore I call on all of you to educate yourself on responsible water usage and actively partake in efforts to reduce water waste and water pollution.
c. Who here likes watermelon? Or how about a good steak, maybe even some salmon? What if I told you that all these foods need a good source? Without it…
d. Water pollution is something that we all take for granted, easily dismissing the issue, because water is literally everywhere. However, there is so much production and technological advancement that requires water at every step of the way. In turn, all this production pollutes and poisons our drinking water. This increases the cost of water sanitation for drinking and for use in our foodstuff.
Transition: It is expected that by 2050 the world’s population will increase to between 8- and 9 billion people, your kids are probably included in that number. Ask yourself what impact this may have on their lives.

II. Body
a. The earth is covered by about 70% water, but only 1% is available for humans to use. Worldwide, we have 1% available for farming, industry, domestic, commercial and environmental needs. Due to our unwise use of this 1% we are facing water shortages, polluted water, increased occurrence of illness and diseases, and extremely inflated prices of food, as well as, domestic and commercial goods.
i. As I mentioned earlier 36 states in the U.S.A. are facing water shortages. One example that I have personal experience with is Utah. My husband’s family owns a lot of land there, one of the biggest issues is water rights. It is possible for someone to own the water…...