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Pursue a Master in Business Administration


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To pursue a master's in business administration
Gary M. Newsome
August 17, 2010
Stephanie Jackson

To pursue a master's in business administration
Many people set goals in life with a mindset of accomplishing these goals, and there is no more important goal than achieving a higher degree in education. It always has been my ultimate goal to achieve a master’s in business administration (MBA), but because of the time constraints and long deployments of military service, attending an institution of higher education for an MBA was out of the question. After 30 years of military service and beyond the age of 50, there is no better time to conquer my dreams and achieve my personal goal in obtaining my MBA. This accomplishment will open new a new path toward venturing into another outstanding career.
The value of higher education is an important factor for advancement. The opportunity to excel would be the primary reason to achieve this goal while gaining the skills, and knowledge, of management. A position of increased responsibility requires much knowledge to be successful and a company, or business, may fail without these credentials. Mintzberg stated that “managers are important people who are supposed to sit above others, removed and disconnected from the work of making products and selling services. The higher they go, the more important they are, so that on reaching the top, becoming Chief Executive Officer; they are the corporation even if they arrived yesterday. To become such a manager or, better still, such a leader who gets to sit on top, it is necessary to sit in a business school for two years, which enables one to manage anything” (Mintzberg, 2004, p. 6). This statement sums up the value of a master’s degree in business, and the importance of obtaining all the knowledge as one climbs the ladder of success.
The 30 years of military service has

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