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Pursuit of a New Life

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New Life 1 Running Head: PURSUTI OF A NEW LIFE

Pursuit of a New Life Walter Morrison University of Phoenix MGT/521 February 2, 2009

New Life 2 Pursuit of a New Life Whether the decision is to start a new career, pursue a MBA, or even strive towards a personal goal, can be the hardest decision that anyone would have to make. In the times that this nation is in right now the decision to start a new career is not the most logically decision. The decision is not only made upon the person wanting to start a new career, whom ever that may be needs to make sure not only they can afford to take a break in job stability and their family supports the decision as well. The decision to start a new career not only is cost effective as well as the amount of time that it will take to be trained in a new environment can be costly to the person, company, and family. When looking to start a new career it takes time, patience, and dedication to be able to all a sudden change the career path. When the decision is made to change careers everyone must take into consideration how this will affect family. Family support is one the most influentially aspects of switching careers. When the decision to start a new career is made, the adjustment period could take a little as a few months up to possible a year. Several years ago when I was working at a local gas station, I realized

New Life 3 that this is the most suitable career that is best. One day I decided to change careers joined the military and that was one of the biggest adjustments to make. After the decision was made, I notified my family and told them that the military was the best choice to make. My father was not too pleased with my decision to drop out of college and join the military to better enhance the future not only for myself but for my family as well. On the other hand, the rest of the family was excited. The decision to change suddenly shocked everyone and as long as the support was there they had no problem with it. The decision to continue the education is a very tough decision. After completing an associates degree, most people would just stop there and be done. In order to make an impact not only in anyone’s life but in the family’s life as well the completing of a higher education would be recommended. When applying for most companies they require a bachelor’s degree. In order to move into Management positions it takes time, experience, and the ability to be able to lead a group of people. When deciding to continue to the next level, current employers need to be aware of employee’s attentions to further their careers. The decision to pursue a MBA or any other type of master’s degree is very hard.

New Life 4 The decision to do so is not only going to affect family, it will also affect the perception of how other view in a whole. When companies are looking to promote within, they take all the qualified employees and look at their time they have been with the company, what skills they have, and what education level they have completed. The basics of the decision process are to see which employee’s could to be able to lead and be able to manage several things at one time. The best qualities that most employer’s look for people who are an innovative, a motivator to others, able to correct problems within the company, and able to take on additional responsibilities. Personal goals can be anything that anyone sets out to accomplish in life. It takes a great deal of time, patience, and dedication to complete the goals that were set. I personally set a goal to finish my bachelor’s degree before I turned 30. I accomplished that goal last year. During the course of completing this goal the hardest thing to do what to learn how to juggle a full time job, homework, and family. If the support of their current employer and family are not there, then what is the point of pursing any type of goal or any dream that anyone may have. The point is that there will be times that they must put themselves first and go for what their desires are. If they can manage the ability to continue pursing these goals in life
New Life 5 and show that it does not affect anyone either it be at work or at home then they are well ahead of making sure that they are doing the best that they can do. To save the argument on whether or not to pursue any type of goal or dream, it will all depends what type of goal or dream to pursue. The only decision to make would be within that persons own self and not worry about what anyone else may think. To be successful in life is to make sure that everyone tries to be the best and always for the highest pleasure of knowing that in this life they have made it the best that they could. The ultimate feeling in life is knowing that they accomplished what ever goal or dream they may have pursued.

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