Putin and Authoritarian Ideals

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Vladimir Putin and his Authoritarian Ideals
There have been rumors that Russia is turning into an authoritarian government, however according to Vladimir Putin, this is not the case. The level of individual freedom (personal, economic, and political) has in fact been lessened and state control over citizens behavior has increased (but has a long way to go before they are at the same level as in Soviet Russia) (Pastukhov). According to the author there is no democracy in Russia except for the literary sense of the word. He believes that the people must first be trained to live responsibly and to respect the law, and then the state can be switched to the rails of political freedom – not the other way around (Pastukhov).
First Term in Office
Political Structure
Vladimir Putin a man who believes that Russia will be better governed under an authoritarian government than his predecessor Boris Yeltsin. President Yeltsin gave governmental powers to the different regions of Russia and in doing so the center lost is ability to understand what powers remained in their control as the nation’s government (Charap). Also while this was happening the importance that the regions have with the centers ability to create policies and the capacity to implement those decisions grew, and along with it the central executive’s ability to coordinate, control and limit activities of the regions lessened while relative power of regions and their associated leaders increased (Charap). Vladimir Putin made three huge changes in Russian politics while being in office. The first was to change the relations between the central government and the regional offices, change the structure of the Federation Council and changed who had control over the nation’s resources.
First, Vladimir Putin drastically changed the central-regional relations and restricted the regions political…...