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Red Bull Case Study

1. Red Bull has always done marketing in an unconventional ways compared to the mainstream. When the company first started in the United States in 1997, Red Bull did their promotions by relying on word-of mouth. They gave away free cans of Red Bull all around the country from their specially made Red Bull vehicles. They also let the negative rumors spread about their company without addressing each, causing more stir around the country about Red Bull. They seemed to embrace the old saying, “any publicity is good publicity.” They have not relied on TV and print advertising like the other mainstream companies. Mateschitz wanted to reach young people through activities that he felt young people were passionate about, thus creating a personal relationship with Red Bull. According to the text, Red Bull sponsors more than 500 athletes, including Shaun White and Travis Pastrana. They also own four soccer teams, a NASCAR team, and two Formula 1 racing teams. Red Bull uses these athletes and teams to put their logo wherever they can, to bring awareness to the company. They also have reached out to the music and entertainment world, by sponsoring “artists, teams, and events in dance, music, film, video games, and other creative media” (Kotler, p. 429). Their most ambitious venture is the Red Bull Media House, which is their TV network. This network has its own complete music division, including its own music label, radio network, and original shows.

2. Red Bull is as good an example as any as a company embracing innovative ways for promotion. Being innovative helps Red Bull create a lasting impression on consumers, with the concept being “Red Bull gives you wings.” This is all done to grow business and increase market share. Red Bull, as discussed above, does not rely on the traditional form of advertising as much as one might think for…...

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