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PV Technologies (PVT) was a premiere supplier to several segments of the solar energy technology field. In late July 2011, PVT received a Request for Proposal (RFP) from a long-time client, Solenergy Development LLC, a major developer of energy generation systems. Solenergy was seeking a supplier of utility grade central inverters for their 100MW plant; which was to be situated adjacent to an existing 25MW plant where PVT's central inverters had been performing flawlessly. Solenergy's chief electrical engineer, Greg Morgan, began his extensive evaluation of the select group of companies he had invited to bid on this major project. The executives at PVT knew they were the company to beat, as their product was undoubtedly the best. However, it had been unofficially revealed that PVT trailed the other competitors, leaving PVT to most likely lose the contract. This case study reviews how the executives reacted to this finding.

Key Issues / Suggested Solutions:

While PVT's products remained superior in terms of efficiency, reliability, and productivity, the bid prices of the competitors' products were significantly lower than PVT's.
Due to the onset of new competitors, PVT may have to react, to their extremely low prices, by slightly lowering theirs. Although PVT has been a market leader for some time now, the market dynamics have changed and other competitors are now able to lower their costs. If PVT does not want to undercut their profit margin, they should start producing a value segment with lower quality standards to compete.
Solenergy was committed to a renewed focus on expense control, and the upfront cost differential was significant. The lower net ownership costs of the competitors products argued in favor of selecting the lowest-cost product.
In the case study, PVT's management came up with a few good solutions that would address this…...

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