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Pvp: Part 3

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P.W.P Part 3:
30-Day Food Log and Assessment

I. Identify the estimated daily caloric need for your weight, age, height, and activity level? * The estimated daily caloric need for a 145-pound, 21 year old, 5’9 female that does 30-60 minutes of moderate activity everyday, is 2200 calories per day. 1. Do you agree with this recommended calorie need? Why or Why not? * I agree with 2200 calories per day because I feel like that is an adequate amount of calories for 3 meals a day, or 6 small meals a day. I found that I wasn’t even able to eat that many calories a majority of the days because I wasn’t eating the adequate amount of food everyday, so I definitely don’t think it’s too less. 2. How does your actual calorie intake compare to your estimated caloric needs? * My actual calorie intake compared to my estimated was under almost every day. My average for all 4-weeks was 1,539 calories per day when I needed 2,200 a day, which was recommended. a. Provide an average calorie intake for each week that you logged your food. * March 7- March 14: 1,663 calories per day * March 14- March 21: 1,623 calories per day * March 21- March 28: 1,942 calories per day * March 28- April 4: 2,103 calories per day b. Did your average calorie intake change from first week until the last week of your food logging? * My average calorie intake changed from week 1 to week 4 by my consumption of more calories. This was intentional because while I was doing this food log, I realized that I was not consuming the foods I needed and instead the foods I wanted. I was not eating close to the necessary amount of calories or nutrients I needed. II. What was the nutrient distribution of your diet? Determine and report the percentage of your total calories came from carbohydrate, protein, and fat. * Provide an average of this...

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