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Pyramid of Intervention

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Purpose of Intervention There is a fundamental belief that every child has value and that every child should be accounted for in terms of providing a quality education. Schools have had trouble trying to embrace the notion that no student should be allowed to fail. Leadership with in any school should embrace the philosophy that no student should be allowed to fail and apply it to the school culture and implement a program that coordinates the schools’ s mission statement of maximizing achievement with the school improvement goals. In 2006, pyramid of intervention was a response to the intervention component of the Individuals with Disabilities Improvement Act (IDEIA). Response to Intervention or (RTI) is often associated with Pyramid of Intervention using a continuum-based process that focuses on access to high quality, evidence based instruction, data-driven decision making, a tiered model of supports and a systems level approach to improving academic and behavioral outcomes (McIntosh, 2011).
Pyramid of Intervention This pyramid came out of the IDEIA law that wanted to address increasingly diverse classrooms and the demands and opportunities of what has come to be coined “21st century learning.” There is a prevailing thought that the high-quality inclusive education is an issue of social justice and important to developing the human capital that is needed in today’s societies. What has emerged is a growing preference towards empowering the classroom teacher with the knowledge, skills and supports to identify the authentic needs of students and to differentiate instruction to respond to those needs (Philpott, 2007). The growing understanding that meeting the needs of learners, in particular learners that have been identified as having exceptional learning needs and/or disabilities is not about placement but about programming. (…...

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