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Personality Disorder

Alexis Stockling

Abnormal psychology is a branch of psychology that deals with psychopathology and abnormal behavior. Narcissistic personality disorder is a part of psychology that struck my attention, I needed to know more. This personality disorder is a condition in which people have inflated senses of self-importance and an extreme concern with themselves. People with this disorder tend to have an overly sensitive personality and parenting problems may affect the development of this disorder. Yet, there are no known causes for this disorder. I am going to expound on the psycho-dynamic, cognitive-behavioral, and socio-cultural views of this disorder.
A number of psycho-dynamic theorist believed that this disorder begins with cold, rejecting parents and developmental problems in childhood. These theorists also believed that this disorder can come from child abuse, and or, separation of parents through divorce or death. They believe that this disorder is characterized by a need for the admiration of others, with little empathy or understanding of other’s feelings. These people consistently overestimate their abilities and exaggerate their accomplishments. When overestimating and exaggerating their own issues, they tend to devalue or ridicule the accomplishments of others. Stating things like, “I do everything, and I never get the credit I deserve.” They are very self-absorbed. They also believed that these people defend themselves from feeling unsatisfied, rejected, unworthy, and cautious of the world. They do this by repeatedly telling themselves anything appealing to oneself, such as I’m beautiful, pretty, strong and independent. They convince themselves that they are totally self-sufficient without the need of warm relationships with their parents or anyone else for that matter. Narcissists in the eyes…...