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The life of Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ is our perfect example in everything we can do in this life. In the scriptures we can find many different good examples of how we should and live our lives. One of the most amazing examples we found in the scriptures is how Jesus Christ treated the people according to their problems. At the same time he was the perfect example as a leader. We also cannot forget how he was his relation with Jewish leaders. The Jewish leader made many changes to the gospel and taught incorrectly; therefore Jesus mission was to teach the gospel correctly and the spiritual way to understand every doctrine and principle. Defend the right is something that God is expecting of us, in the bible, more specific the four gospel we learn how Jesus Christ had to defend the right vs the error. Even though the critics and his death that was part of the plan.
How the four gospel impact my life One of the most beautiful stories in the bible that impact my life is the love that Jesus shows during his mortal life. Days before his death, he prayed to our heavenly father for every single of his disciples and followers. In the prayed we can learned how important is for Jesus every single person, also how is his marvelous love for every single of us. Also how he asked to our Heavenly father the importance of the unity into Him ad our father in heaven.
I consider the four gospels a sacred and powerful scriptures, I cannot imagine how would be the bible records without any modification or miss translation that they suffered in the past. However, we have in our hands a powerful set of records than can help us to know more Jesus Christ. I like how thanks to the bible we can learn more about our Heavenly Father Plan by the many different parables he taught.
One of my favorite parables is the one that taught about the talents, and how he divided the talents to each...

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