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Qantas' Global Strategies

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As everyone knows, Qantas is Australia’s largest airline, which is also one of the biggest global airlines in the world. It is committed to creating a reputation for safety, operational reliability and considerate customer service. All of these reputations have been playing a vital role in attracting increasing passengers to be loyal to Qantas. Consequently, Qantas has been becoming one of Australia’s most successful companies in aviation industry. With the rapid development of other competitors in aviation industry around the world, however, some challenges had been generated that Qantas has to overcome. Additionally, the key challenge for Qantas is about its global strategy, which is extraordinarily critical to determine the future of Qantas in the global aviation industry.

To exactly and effectively understand Qantas’ global strategies, this report will be divided by five parts that could gradually make sense of the importance of global strategic management. Firstly, it will briefly introduce the history and growth of Qantas airline. Then this report will explain how Qantas’ global strategy operates. After that, it is going to analyze the nature and drivers of the company global strategies. Last but not the least, this report will analyze the challenges facing the global strategy and give some suggestions to overcome these challenges. More importantly, it emphasizes the importance of global strategic management for all companies in the world, not only for aviation industry.

1. Introduction of Qantas Airline
Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services (QANTAS) Limited was established in Winton, Queensland, in 1920 and expanded rapidly as a transportation carrier. Its core competitiveness is to create a reputation for excellence in safety, operational reliability and customer service.

According to Qantas (2008), Qantas culminated...

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