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Appendix * Exchange overview……………………………page 4. * Regulator…………………………………… 4-5. * Listing and Trading Rules… 6-8. * Improvements……………………………… 8-9. * Listings…………………… 10-11. * Performance………………………………….page 12-13. * Sectorial Analysis……………………………page 13-14. * Valuation…………………………………….page 14. * Bonds……………………………………… 14-16. * Sukuk……………………………………… 16-17. * Mutual funds……………………………… 17-19. * Initial Public Offerings…………………… 19-20. * SWOT Analysis…………………………… 20-21. * Future Prospects……………… 21-22. * Conclusion………………………………….page 23. * References………………………………….page 24.

I. Exchange Overview:
In mid 1990s, stocks were traded through some unlicensed and unspecialized offices acting as intermediaries. This resulted in lack of transparency, and unfairness of stock pricing. The pressing need for a regulated and organized stock market that guarantee the protection of investors' interests by adopting modern mechanism for settling stocks' prices according to demand and supply led to the issue of the Emiri Decree No. 14 of 1995, founding the Doha Securities Market (DSM). Two years after the Emiri Decree Issuance, Doha Securities Market commenced its operations in May 26, 1997 with 17 companies and approximately 6 billion QR in market capitalization.
Today, the Doha Securities Market (DSM) is known as Qatar Stock Exchange with 43 listed companies with market capitalization around USD 175.328 billion ( QAR 638.194 billion). Qatar Stock Exchange is a member of World Federation of Exchanges and was upgraded to emerging markets status in June 2014.

II. Regulator:
The Qatar Financial Centre (QFC) is the financial and business centre established by the Government of Qatar in 2005 to...

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