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Gun Control: Effects on Crime and Violence
QBT1 - Task 4: Document Revisions
Western Governor’s University

Gun Control: Effects on Crime and Violence
The topic of gun control in the U.S becomes more popular in the wake of horrific gun crimes and mass shootings. , but tHowever, the public might be surprised to find that the intended results of gun control laws might prove to be historically ineffective in preventing future gun violence from occurring in America and that there is perhaps a more suitable solution for the problem..
In order to properly understand the breadth of the gun control topic, it would be wise to also properly understand the history of gun controls in the U.S. as well as what gun control actually is. Gun Control seems to have a slightly differing definition depending on which source is defining the term. For the purposes of this essay, the following sources will be used: defines the term “gun control” as the “government regulation of the sale and ownership of firearms”, while Merriam-webster’s website defines gun control as “regulation of the selling, owning, and use of guns” (Gun control, n.d.). Each of the definitions states that the regulation of guns by the unspecified government would seek to control the sale, ownership, and/or use of a gun. In relationship to the United States, there have been several famous and infamous laws written to target gun control in one way or the other.
To some, the history of gun rights and gun control in the United States might be likened to a boring and overplayed record. The difference in what that this paper contains when compared to others of its kind, what most Americans didn’t know about the history of gun control in the United States, will more than certainly surprise the reader and should provide a plethora of astonishing little known facts.
In “The...

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