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Qht Task 1 Rubric

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RUBRIC TERMS The following terms may be used in the rubric. accurate – giving a correct or truthful representation; providing information that meets the accepted standard applicable – connected with, or relevant to a particular person, group of people, or situation adequate – as much as necessary for the purpose; acceptable applicable - affecting, connected with, or relevant to a particular person, group of people, or situation appropriate - fitting; suitable for the circumstances, topic, purpose, or context; suitable for an academic or professional setting articulation of response (clarity, organization, mechanics) - clear, organized, and easy to understand; standard language usage competent - possessing basic abilities and skills necessary to adequately function in specified areas credible – believable; based in solid research or accepted as sound practice in the field effective - producing the intended result detail - extended information on particular items does not meet standard - not performing at an appropriate or expected level; providing no support for reasoning limited - having narrow scope; barely adequate; including only a part logical - sensible and based on facts; appropriate progression of steps or events plausible - believable and appearing to be true; acceptable strategy or plan for the given situation reasonable - sensible; acceptable and according to common sense; likely to be considered appropriate for the given situation relevant - having some sensible or logical connection with something else; currently acceptable practice; related to real life substantial - ample; significant; considerable in importance; more than adequate sufficient – enough to meet the needs; suitable to the purpose support - examples based on personal experiences or cited evidence; justification for reasoning and decision making unsatisfactory - not performing at an...

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