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A. 1. A. 2.

Savings Plan A y= $20x + $400 10x+600=20x+400 -10x-400=-10x -400 200=10x /10 /10 20=x (# 0f months)

Savings PlanB y= $10x + $600 y=10(20)+600 y=200+600 y=800 ($ saved)

Savings Plan A X-intercept y=0 0=20x+400 -400=20x -400/20=x -20=X

Savings PlanB X-intercept y=0 0=10x+600 -600=10x -600/10=x -60=x

Solution A. 3.

Both plans yield identical balances after 20 months at $800. Months Plan B Plan A -60 0 -20 0 0 600 0 400 2 620 2 440 Solution 3 630 3 460 1000 4 640 4 480 (20,800) y-intercept Quadrant II 5 650 5 500 800 (0,600) 6 660 6 520 600 Quadrant I 7 670 7 540 400 8 680 8 560 x-intercept (0,400) y-intercept x-intercept 200 9 690 9 580 (-60,0) (-20,0) 10 700 10 600 0 -70 -60 -50 -40 -30 -20 -10 0 10 20 30 11 710 11 620 X-Axis Months 12 720 12 640 13 730 13 660 Plan B y=10x+600 Plan A y=20x+400 14 740 14 680 Linear (Plan B y=10x+600) Linear (Plan A y=20x+400) 15 750 15 700 16 760 16 720 17 770 17 740 A.3a1. Plan B yields more at $740 vs. Plan A at $680. 18 780 18 760 A.3ac. Plan A yields more at $860 vs Plan B at $830. 19 790 19 780 A.4. The solution lies in quadrant 1 where the savings 20 800 20 800 begins until the intersection at (20,800). 21 810 21 820 x & y coordinates are all positive from month 1 through month 20 22 820 22 840 which means its Quadrant 1. 23 830 23 860
Y-Axis (Total Savings in $)

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