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Trident University International
Module 2 Case Assignment
Fall 2011
QMT 401 – Introduction to Total Quality Management
Dr. Jill Johnson
29 Oct 2011

When it comes to automobile designing, manufacturing, marketing and purchasing the selections offered to the consumer can be absolutely confusing and frustrating because this is a major purchase and it needs to be the right one. I believe it is also safe to say that in these times of economic downturn a majority of new car buyers are looking for a “quality” product that will last them through the life cycle of the vehicle while meeting their purchase demands. The automobile industry knows of this demand which is why you see ads and commercials claiming that their product is the best buy with the highest “quality” within its class.
So when it comes to quality in the automobile industry whose job is it to uphold this promise – everyone’s right? Let’s take a look at the automobile manufacturing processes and the various jobs and responsibilities for quality beginning with the customer.
Customer: As we learned in our background readings the customer is responsible for determining what they want and need thus influencing the demand on the market place. However, it shouldn’t stop there, once a customer purchases there new vehicle they should provide the manufacturer with both positive and negative feedback on the product. This allows the manufacturer to make the necessary adjustments needed to satisfy the consumer market thus producing the quality product which is desired.
Marketing: This segment is primarily based off consumer demand. You must market what the customer desires. The competitive nature in today’s automobile industry has prompted automobile companies to take up new and innovative marketing strategies to impede their competition. Look at advertisements for example, the Audio visual medium are

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