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Quality Assurance in Aviation

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Quality Assurance in Aviation
Embry Riddle
Management for Aeronautical Science
MGMT 203
Howard W. Loken
June 25, 2014

Quality Assurance in Aviation
Quality defined
Quality Assurance (QA) is one of the most predominate factors in aviation organizations today. Quality Assurance programs have a direct link to safety in aviation. Quality can be considered a safety measure because a solid quality program can help prevent accidents and incidents. This is accomplished by procedures and guidance by government oversight that filters down to the operator of the type aircraft. Quality Assurance is a systematic method for gathering, analyzing information on quality, causes of defects and how they impact aviation operations. The QA system allows managers to make decisions concerning quality on facts and history of events to prevent future issues. This paper discusses how quality assurance in aviation must continue to play an important role in order to operate and maintain aircraft to the safest standard.
Concepts and Principles
The concept of Quality Assurance is the prevention of defects. This concept covers all aspects of each event from beginning to end. All aircraft maintenance personnel have a responsibility to adhere to the concepts ad principles of QA. To achieve QA concepts maintainers focus on prevention, knowledge, and special skills. Preventing maintenance failures is a goal of QA. This is accomplished by regulating events vice being regulated by events. Every aspect of the total maintenance effort is affected by QA to include safety of personnel and maintenance of supporting equipment. The Quality process encompasses the total process from planning to completion. During this process, areas of weakness are identified, errors are noted, inspections are done and the process improvement begins. Quality Assurance must be used as an institutional policy...

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