Quality Management in Optometry/Executive Summary

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Quality Management in Optometry/Executive Summary
By: Sarah Knoll
June, 3rd 2012
University of Phoenix

Quality management is a crucial slice of the optometry organization (vision center) and when used correctly is vital to its success in the world of health care. Some important components of quality management in the vision center are patient satisfaction, quality merchandise, proper training of employees, financial accuracy, good communication between staff and management, and knowledgeable staff. The functions of quality management work together and when everything is run properly, than the most important function of patient satisfaction should be easier for the organization to accomplish.
Quality management is important for health care because it sets guidelines and establishes policies that add to the patient’s well-being and quality of life. This in turn has influence on the financial safety of the organization. A good quality management system will show in how well the organization does financially, as well as how the quality of patient care is viewed and these factors will stand out from other health care organizations. Taking the focus on the health care employees and establishing good communication is done through quality management by team meetings, surveys, and an open door policy that allows employees the freedom to take any issues to their supervisors or higher in management when needed. By working together with employees the organization can use quality management to focus on areas that need the most attention.
The Vision Center is dependent on the leaders of quality management for the organizations productivity and success. Most of the operations of the Vision Center are established by management, even day to day actions that follow a certain course. This established system allows the opticians an organized way to deal with all of…...