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Quality Management Initiative Proposal

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Quality Management Initiative Proposal

Quality Management Initiative Proposal BJB Manufacturing Company is an organization with an eye on future growth and leaders committed to taking steps to achieve that goal. One very important step is embracing a total quality management program that will suit the needs of BJB, appeal to customers, and meet the necessary automobile industry standards. “In a TQM effort, all members of an organization participate in improving processes, products, services, and the culture in which they work” (“Total Quality Management (TQM)”, n.d., para. 1). Team B has compiled a total quality management initiative proposal to include identification of stakeholders’ needs in relation to BJB’s products, an analysis of the high-end compact disc changers manufactured for automobiles and needs of BJB, a suggested total quality management approach that best fits, and the role the leaders will carry out in the quality process.
Stakeholder Needs In analyzing the needs of the stakeholders, Team B must first identify the stakeholders, the roles they play, their interests, and their impact on the project. BJB Manufacturing is looking to enter a new market, becoming the sought-after source for factory installed high-end audio equipment for the automobile market. To accomplish this task BJB must develop a total quality management program to present to the automobile manufacturers. Team B has broken down the needs of the stakeholders into a Stakeholder Register (Bergman, n.d.) for an overview of each stakeholder and their role in the project.
Stakeholder Register BJB New Car Segment | Specific Needs | Interests | Impact on Project | Role | Consumer | Quality, Longevity, Elegance, Ease of use.(Freeman, 2012) | Technologically Advanced, Satellite Radio | Influencer | RecipientCollaborator | Manufacturing | Design, quality material,...

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