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Due to the change of social construction and production mechanism in Hong
Kong, Knowledge-based Society is essential for the sustainability development of Hong Kong in the 21st century that cultivates talent labors
(MediaDigest, RTHK, 2006). Recently, the globalization is allied and compounded around the world. It indicates the trend of “Whole People
Education” for undergraduates to develop their own strategic vision and analytical technology for the externally globalized environment – social and economy (Y.K. Pang, HKIE, 2009).

Integrated with the upward paragraph, this promotion has rapidly developed owing to the advocate of “Lifelong Learning” (executed by Tung Chee-hwa, the first Chief Executive of HKSAR). Based on the data generation, the percentage of growth rate of continuous education has increasing from 18 in
2002 to 28 in 2003 (Professor K.M. Yeung, HKU SPACE).

In the literature aspects, “Lifelong Learning” is the recognition that learning may stretch out across a lifetime for anyone sustainability use and renew throughout each lifespan (Field, 2006). Based on Role of Reflection in
Learning (Kolb, 1984), its operation is coordinated with 3 main items – (1)


Action, (2) Reflect on Experience; and (3) Conclude and Learn. For my own view, it could be comprehended with using the outcome of your lifespan to strengthen the core competence to make the continuous improvement for the future action. This dominant academic skill will be critically used in this professional project.

In Hong Kong, the educational development “Lifelong Learning” is coherent with “Qualifications Framework”, a technical term that is defined as the facilitation among academic, vocational and continuing education through the establishment of a comprehensive and voluntary network...

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