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Quality of Life

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Quality of life





Discontinuation of life support in this case is the actual ending of life. As a doctor, the best thing I will do in this phenomenon is to respect the will of Mr. Miller and discontinue the life support (Martin et al., n.d). There are conflicting issues regarding the moral status of any panorama of this act. The key issues direct us towards the consequentialist conceptualization regarding the quality of life, and responsibility we have for what we consent to happen, and what we cause directly rather than the deontological idea of moral status (Adams and Nys, 2003). The medical resources are accessible and it is possible keeping any personality from biological death for some time. Because of this, we have to decide resolutely when it is permissible to end life. Is there a way of limiting such decisions? If it is permissible to remove or withdraw medication, with the unswervingly foreseeable result that the patient in question will die? In essence, is there an ethically relevant disparity between intentionally withdrawing medication, with the predictable and intended results of the patient’s death with an equal consequence?

My first argument has a basis on the deontological perspective. Deontological arguments base on the assumptions of absolute morality and used against the act of euthanasia in health care. These hypotheses forbid actions emphasizing on their physical effects. From a deontological opinion, it is the intention of an act, for instance, respect for rights, principles or obligations instead of rightness or wrongness of consequences that establish morality. This means that in any phenomenon when faced with a tough decision regarding whether to aid someone to die, the actions should be moved by love. This implies that ignoring any hard and fast rule and acting according to...

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