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Contents Page Nos. Table of Contents 2 Abstract 3 Literature Review 4 Background 4 The Theory of Planned Behavior 8 Methods and Participants 9 Study Design 9 Data Collection 10 Demographic Details 11 Data Analysis 11 Conclusion 13 Recommendation 14 References 15 Appendices 17 APPENDIX 1: Ethics Form 17 APPENDIX 2: Preliminary Data Analysis 17 Interview Questions 17 APPENDIX 3: Thematic Data Analysis 17 Interview Questions 17

This study attempted to qualitatively investigate Australian student’s perception of the impact of excessive consumption of fast food on their health, studying in Flinders University. The sample consisted of University students with a diversity of demographic details, including sex, age, and the level of education. The researcher, a 27-year old student, used a purposeful sampling strategy to select respondents for the study. Four participants were convenient in making the results of the study dependable. He used four qualitative interviews as a method of data collection. While carrying out the interviews, the researcher used both open and closed ended questions. In order to ascertain that all the data was recorded, notes taking and audio recordings were used at every stage of the interview. Preliminary data analysis and thematic data analysis were used to analyze the overall recorded information. The purpose of the study is to offer viable recommendations that would assist in alleviating the underlying problem of fast foods among Australian students studying in Flinders University.

Key Words: demographic details, Preliminary data analysis, thematic data analysis, viable...

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