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Quantitive Tool Application (Case Project)

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“Final Paper on Quantitative Tool Application”

Quantitative Methods in Management

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October 20, 2014


New Beginnings
Lim Tian Siu and his family were able to build their business in Davao City in 1978 as textile mart. His eldest son, Henry, was instrumental in the expansion of the business, which by now included a supermarket, as well as a department store in a location along
Ramon Magsaysay where NCCC Main Magsaysay now stands.

Rising the New Heights
NCCC's expansion was not limited to Davao City but in other areas as well. Soon after, a branch in the then town, Tagum, a one hour drive from Davao City was built in 1987, the following year NCCC Main Magsaysay acquired the KIN Davao building at the corner of Lizada and Ramon Magsaysay Avenue.
In 1991, the owners' business acumen as pioneers also allowed them to build a landmark in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan; to expand NCCC Tagum into NCCC Mall
Tagum; and launch its first express outlet, the NCX in 2002. But by far, the largest and boldest step is set to be made as NCCC opened its biggest store in December 2003,
NCCC Mall Davao, at the corner of MacArthur Highway and Ma-a Road, Davao City.

More than thirty years of Value Shopping
Currently, NCCC Department Stores, Inc. has 4 big branches (including malls) and 9 small branches. It has two major warehouses; Central Warehouse in Gempesaw
Extension, Davao City serving Davao City branches, and North Distribution Center in
Quirante, Tagum City serving Davao del Norte, COMVAL branches, and soon to serve
Davao Oriental area. These two warehouses under the Warehouse and Logistics
Division, never had a Manager for 32 years…...

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