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Quantums Physics of Monkey Neutrinos

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Choose the best answer from the responses listed
Use the Answer Sheet provided
1. According to the Fundamentals of Strategy textbook, which of the following elements is not found in strategy statements
a) Mission
b) Experience
c) Advantage
d) Vision
e) Scope
2. A Strategic Business Unit (SBU) is a part of an organisation for which there is
a) Senior management with strong links to corporate HQ
b) Specific goods/services that are sold to other SBUs in the corporation
c) Integrated operations with other SBUs in the corporation
d) Close links with other companies in the industry value network
e) A distinct external market for goods/services different from other SBUs
3. Which of the following statements in relation to Mintzberg’s 5 P’s for Strategy is not true
a) As plan, strategy tries to establish direction for organisations
b) As ploy, strategy involves exploiting competences
c) As pattern, strategy focuses on consistency in action and behaviour
d) As position, strategy matches an organisation to its environment
e) As perspective, strategy concerns how intentions become shared
4. According to Gene Browne of the City Bin Company, mediocrity results from
a) Not trying hard enough
b) Focusing on only one part of the value chain
c) Trying to be a jack of all trades
d) The type of industry you are in
e) Operating in a cyclical business
5. Scenarios are plausible alternative views of how the business environment might develop in the future based on
a) Key drivers for change for which there is a high level of uncertainty
b) Forecasts of the macro environment and its components
c) Projections of the evolution of technology over time
d) Predictions of industry structure, dynamics and evolution
e) Expected changes in the actions and behaviour of competitors
6. Which of the following is not…...

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