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Title: Qantas and Emirates Alliance Strategy

Course Name: Strategy Development and Initiatives Course Code: MGMT20112

Course Coordinator: Daniel Abell Lecture Name: Daniel Abell Tutor: Daniel Abell

Students: Ruth Calasan s0235265 Tracy Nguyen s222275 Felipe Gutierrez s0234289

Due Date: 19/08/2013 Date Submitted: 26/08/2013

Word Count: 3500 Words

Executive Summary
Last 06 September 2012, Qantas had entered a 10-year partnership with Emirates that will go beyond the code-sharing and collaboration in terms of coordinated pricing, sales, and scheduling and benefit-sharing model which aims to jointly deploy one or more resource combinations. An in-depth analysis has been done on what are the internal and external factors that influence Qantas to form an alliance with Emirates. These factors are:

         

Deregulation of open skies creating economic environment and open equal opportunities for all air carriers Excessive capacity, fuel cost, foreign currency exposure and threat of new entrants. Changes in customer taste and destinations, power of customers and growth of airlines alliances. Heavy investments in railways and telecommunication tools Consumer protection and passenger rights Growing percentage of global emission Airport slots allocations Similarity of resources and services such as Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific Improving services for better price Improving power of negotiation between the alliance and suppliers

During the analysis of the case, a number of opportunities were found and related with the internal and external forces where these opportunities were viewed as factors to generate a competitive advantage in the market:  Forming a 10-year partnership with Emirates to gain access with their resources and collaborate to see what it is capable of. These resources are usually scare, no direct substitute, and...

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