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What was Queen Elizabeth’s Relationship with Theater?

During the last 20 years of Queen Elizabeth I reign, drama and artistic expression thrived significantly. The Queens’s enthusiasm and great admiration for plays led to the prosperity of English drama. Moreover her majesty’s large impact on drama was influenced by her passionate love for the arts, her determination to defend the theater from the puritans, and lastly, her inspirational significance towards Shakespeare’s career.
Queen Elizabeth was a major patron of arts because she enjoyed and supported drama. She encouraged many people, such as writers and musicians, and promoted them and their work, which spread arts all around the country. By supporting the artists, drama was able to advance and develop. Her subjects also became more intrigued by the arts as she demonstrated that dram was worth the attention and love. Her subjects were educated the importance of arts because she provided financial support which allowed others to see the significance of drama. Queen Elizabeth I had her own acting company called the “Queens Men” and she invited theater companies to the palace to preform in front of her. Also, the first permanent theater was built on the south bank of the Thames River under Queen Elizabeth’s reign. Queen Elizabeth I’s passion for drama led to the spreading of arts, more drama educated people, and places for artists to perform.
The Queens love for drama prevented theater from shutting down all together by the Puritans. The Puritans were people who lived strict, sober lives and wanted to get rid of holidays such as Christmas. They believed that everyone else should devote their life to god and disapproved of entertainments such as theater and sports. The Puritans had accused theater of being the cause of the plague. The real reason they disapproved of theater was that instead of praying, people were spending their time watching plays. Therefore, Elizabeth, who loved theater and arts, despised them. Although many people such as the Puritans shut down, or tried to shut down theaters, Elizabeth refused and used her power to save what she loved the most. Within London she offered protection and authorized rules, which would stop the Puritans shutting down all the theaters. With the Queens help theater stayed alive.
William Shakespeare was a big part of theater in the Elizabethan era, and he had a special relationship with the Queen. His plays were very popular among the English people, even now, they are still around and many have heard of him and his plays. He was a part owner of “Lord Chamberlain’s Men” a playing company. His company was chosen more then any other companies. Shakespeare is also called “England’s national poet” and the greatest English writer, as his work was very popular. Shakespeare’s plays were very popular because they were open to everyone and also relatable to the audience. His play’s themes changed over the years he worked from comedies to tragedies. He also influenced many novelists such as Thomas Hardy. Shakespeare also had a special relationship with Queen Elizabeth, she supported him fully since she was fond of his work. She was very involved with his plays such as when she wanted Shakespeare to write a play showing a character in love after she watched his play Henry IV and really admired the character of Falstaff. Shakespeare advanced theater in many ways by, introducing numerous plot twists, and more complex stories and characters that made the plays more interesting for viewers. The Queen helped Shakespeare become one of the most legendary writers, by supporting and assisting him.
Due to her love of and support for drama, Queen Elizabeth I played a big role in the development of modern theater. Her actions and contributions improved drama and theater and made it what it is today. The Queens affections for drama led to preventing the destruction of theater and her never-ending support for Shakespeare.

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