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Dear respondent, I am in the final year of my studies in LIU University, and as part of my course I’m conducting a study on Relationship marketing, Word of Mouth and Customer Loyalty in the Telecom Sector in Kinshasa. As one of the customers, your opinions are very important to this study. The information provided will only be used for academic purpose, and will be treated with utmost confidence. Thank you for your cooperation.

Demographic Characteristics (Please tick as appropriate)

1. Sex of the respondent Male Female

2. Marital Status Married Single

3. Age of respondent Below 20yrs 40-49 50-59 20-29 30-39 4. What is your level of Education? Below primary level Tertiary University Primary level Secondary level Any other please specify……………………………………………….

5. Which Mobile Telecom...

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