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If you are one of the management team of Samsung Co. What management advises would you give to Samsung Co. in order to improve their management and to maintain Samsung as a top player in smartphones industry.

As the one of the management team of Samsung Co. To improve and maintain their management as a top player in smartphones industry, a number of decisions must be made. Based upon the time frame involved, these decisions can be categorized as long-term system design decisions and short-term operating and control decisions.

In the Long-term system design decisions there is 5, choice of a product or service. This decision is linked directly to corporate strategy for it answers the question. The choice of product of service will ultimately decide what inputs will be necessary and what type of transformation will be performed. To make a viable product / service selection decision, considerable interaction with marketing will be needed to accurately assess the wants and needs of the marketplace as well as the strength of the competition.
The development of a product or service involves a sequence of steps, development of a concept, development of a preliminary design or prototype, development of “make versus buy” choices and selection of production methods, equipment and suppliers.
System capacity, level of product or service output that the system will be able to provide the firm will make its major investment decisions. The decision is the number of facilities to be built, the size of each facility, the individual capabilities and an amount and type of equipment to be purchased.
Facility layout, the arrangement of the work areas and equipment so that inputs progress through the transformation process in as orderly a fashion as possible.

In the short-term operating and control decisions there is 6 decisions. Aggregate planning, a series of…...