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Question 1: Describe your specific career aspirations and your reason for pursuing an MBA.
This may be the most important essay question you tackle. You must convince the admissions committee that you deserve one of their few, cherished spots. Reference your background, skills and career aspirations, demonstrating how this degree is a bridge to the next step in your professional life. Be sure to speak to how this particular program will help you realize your potential.

It's okay to present modest goals. Deepening your expertise and broadening your perspective are solid reasons for pursuing this degree. If you aspire to lofty goals, like becoming a CEO or starting your own company, be careful to detail a sensible, pragmatic plan. Don't be unrealistic.

Question 2: What are your principal interests outside of work or school? What leisure and/or community activities do you particularly enjoy?
There's more to b-school than the library. The best programs buzz with the energy of a student body that is talented and creative and bursting with personality. They're not just about case studies and careers. Describe how you will be a unique addition to the b-school community.

B-school is also a very social experience. Much of the work is done in groups. Weekends are full of social gatherings, and the networking you do here will impact the rest of your career. Communicate that people, not just your job, are an important part of your life.

Question 3: Who do you most admire?
The admissions committee wants to know the qualities, attributes and strengths you value in others and hope to espouse. Drive, discipline and vision are fine examples but try and look beyond these conventional characteristics. Tell a story and provide specific examples.

If you choose someone famous (which is fine), remember that you risk being one of many in the pile. Instead consider a…...

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