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1. Do you use Citycell One Prepaid?(if YES continue further and if no return the questioner)

⇨ Yes

⇨ No

2. What is the name of your Telecom Operator? (Rank 1-4 according to your perception. Where 1 = Most appropriate and 4= least appropriate from the following)

• Citycell _____________________

• Grameen Phone _____________________

• Robi _____________________

• Banglalink _____________________

Please put a tick mark (√) mark in the appropriate box regarding the respective factor in any range from 1-5 scales (If you are highly agree put 5 and if highly disagree put 1)

| |Strongly agree|Agree |Neutral |Disagree |Strongly |
| |(5) | | | |Disagree |
| | |(4) |(3) |(2) |(1) |
|While choosing a Telecom Operator, I consider the network. | | | | | |
|The voice clarity of Citycell One Prepaid is better than | | | | | |
|other telecom operators. | | | | | |
|Voice connectivity of Citycell One Prepaid is better than | | | | | |
|other telecom operators. | | | | | |
|SMS connectivity of Citycell One Prepaid is better than | | | | | |
|other telecom operators. | | | | | |
|Data (Internet) connectivity of Citycell One Prepaid is | | | | | |
|better than other telecom operators. | | | | | |
|Citycell One Prepaid provides varieties of mobile handsets. | | | | | |
| |Strongly agree|Agree |Neutral |Disagree |Strongly |
| |(5) | | | |Disagree |
| | |(4) |(3) |(2) |(1) |
|I prefer Citycell One Prepaid package ( Handset+RIM | | | | | |
|connectivity) | | | | | |
|Citycell One Prepaid handset provides various features. | | | | | |
|Durability of mobile handsets provided by Citycell One | | | | | |
|Prepaid is satisfactory. | | | | | |
|Performance of Citycell One Prepaid handsets is | | | | | |
|satisfactory. | | | | | |
|Handsets warranty period is satisfactory. | | | | | |
|Citycell One Prepaid handsets after sale service are | | | | | |
|satisfactory. | | | | | |
|I am happy with the Citycell One Prepaid customer care | | | | | |
|service. | | | | | |
|While choosing a Telecom Operator, I consider the Call rate.| | | | | |
|SMS service cost is satisfactory in Citycell One Prepaid. | | | | | |
|I prefer Citycell One Prepaid (handset + connection) for | | | | | |
|price. | | | | | |
|I am ready to spend more for a Citycell One Prepaid if it | | | | | |
|provides more beneficial offerings. (I.e. verities of | | | | | |
|handsets, flexible call and sms rates). | | | | | |
|Citycell One Prepaid is available to me. | | | | | |
| |Strongly agree|Agree |Neutral |Disagree |Strongly |
| |(5) | | | |Disagree |
| | |(4) |(3) |(2) |(1) |
|Advertisement (TV commercial) influences me to choose a | | | | | |
|Telecom Operator.My overall attitude towards Citycell One | | | | | |
|Prepaid | | | | | |
|Advertisement (TV commercial) influences me to choose a | | | | | |
|Telecom Operator. | | | | | |
|My overall attitude towards Citycell One Prepaid. I am | | | | | |
|satisfied with Citycell One Prepaid. | | | | | |
|I am satisfied with Citycell One Prepaid. | | | | | |

Please put a tick mark (√) mark in the appropriate box regarding the respective factor

1. I have seen Citycell One Prepaid advertisement on Television commercial in

⇨ Nearly everyday

⇨ About 4/5 days a week

⇨ About once every 2/3 weeks

⇨ About once a month

2. I have come to know about Citycell One Prepaid from an advertisement.

⇨ Yes

⇨ No

Please turn the page and continue

3. From where do you usually buy energy drinks?

⇨ Retail Store

⇨ Citycell Customer Care Center

⇨ Local Mobile Shop.

Demographics question:

1. Age

⇨ 16-20

⇨ 21-25

⇨ 26-30

⇨ 31-35

⇨ 36-40

2. Occupation

⇨ Student

⇨ Faculty

⇨ Executives

⇨ Others

Thank you for your time and cooperation

Please turn the page and continue

3. Gender

⇨ Male

⇨ Female

4. Monthly Family Income

⇨ Below 30000

⇨ 30001-50000

⇨ 50001-70000

⇨ 70001-90000

⇨ 90000 above

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