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Early in 1988, the outreach committee of Orange Park Presbyterian Church identified safe shelter and other services for victims of domestic violence in Clay County as a "critical and local need.” When the steering committee investigated the needs in Clay County concerning battered women and their children, they found the nearest shelter was Hubbard House in Duval County, and it was usually full. Even if a woman could get to Duval County, the services she needed to access in Clay County were located in Orange Park and Green Cove Springs and there was no regular bus service between Jacksonville and these cities. When checking the local statistics on domestic violence calls against the number of women actually sheltered in Hubbard House, it was discovered that women in Clay County weren't going to Hubbard House. Shelter was needed in Clay County!
Quigley House is named in honor of Pansy Quigley, who lived in Green Cove Springs from 1912 to 1988, and who was well known in Clay County for her volunteer work. The mission of Quigley House was established as such: "to break the cycle of domestic abuse by providing crisis intervention, temporary shelter, protection, counseling, community education, and prevention programs."
Quigley House Domestic Violence Shelter Green Cove Springs Clay County Florida Community Education at Quigley House is all about awareness and teaching as many people as possible how they can be a part of the solution to making every home in Clay County a safe place by ending domestic violence and sexual assault. Every citizen has a responsibility to stand up for safety in every home, and can be taught what to do to help. The community education program at Quigley House aims to educate as many people as possible about prevalence, dynamics, interventions, and preventions for domestic and sexual violence. Their well-trained staff and volunteers can come...

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