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Case Again Quickspeak

fsdIn afdsfn article sdfsdfThe ads against Quickspdsfeak” by Brian Green, the essla ko ay’s dominant pattern is exmapkf: kfdmdsf messskdfhkdsnage and quickspeak. At the beginning,sd tinh hinhiu the itwriter givesu an exapuimplsrae of the quickspeak, to show the readers how it looks like first. He thinks thhfgat the quickspeak “can brtee bashed out in notyr time”; it has no planning, no sehgfrtsnse of order of priority and has very gfdlittle coherent thought. Thensadhe starts to asdwneknwqekn that a uyt commufhgnicates more than the bare meaning of its words.dfs Accoruyitding to thfdse writer, the logical written message should be clear, specific, thoughtful and cogfdmplete. Br79ian alsoty m,dsnfkdsfn nckn gi t aneey written sad tells the audiesdfnce about the importance of thfsde message and the infghhgftelligence of the writer. He states that in contrast, the quickspeakfdh swarehows the writer’s careless and it actuapully waste87s time, as it is h[op8ard for the fdsfreaders to understand the message properly and accurately. He also offerdsfs useful suggestions for a better cofdssdfmmuiuytnication: make an outline, reertinforce the message fe hiejf and revise it cdsfjkhkjnvarefully, use spell-checker if nfdseeded. At the endiuytiuytyui offds the essay, the wri]
ter co[poi[io[nclud[iopes that thdsfe quickspeak makes people become disorganized about what they are saying. Ideas and examples in the article are logically organized; this helps the readsgders to folldsfow the cosdfn,mntent esadasily. Brian Green also uses some contrasting transition afwdsfsdorvcxds fsadto guvcxide sdf audience such sfdas: but, howevsdfer, although, unlikely. Sentence as well as paragraph length are not too long; the paragraph structure is simple too as thezca intended audiences are for general readers. mbbkjb…...

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