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Class Quiz for Security+

1. Which access control method is primarily concerned with the role that individuals have in the organization?

a. MAC

b. DAC



2. A need to know security policy would grant access based on:

a. Least Privilege

b. Less Privilege

c. Loss of Privilege

d. Single Privilege

3. Which type of attack denies authorized users access to network resources?

a. DOS

b. Worm

c. Logic Bomb

d. Social Engineering

4. Your Help Desk has informed you that they received an urgent call from the VP last night requesting his logon ID and password. What type of attack is this?

a. Spoofing

b. Replay

c. Social Engineering

d. Trojan Horse

5. What is the most common form of authentication?

a. Certificates

b. Tokens

c. Passwords

d. Biometrics

6. What is the C in the security CIA model stand for?

a. Certificates

b. Central

c. Confidentiality

d. Consider

7. What kind of attack are hashed passwords vulnerable to?

a. Man-in-the-Middle

b. Dictionary or Brute Force

c. Reverse Engineering

d. Denial of Service

8. What is the most difficult type of cabling to eavesdrop on?

a. Coaxial

b. Fiber Optic

c. Shielded Twisted Pair(STP)

d. Unshielded Twisted Pair(UTP)

9. Computer Forensics experts collect evidence and analyze data using which of the following to minimize loss of data?

a. Evidence

b. Chain of Custody

c. Incident Response

d. Chain of Command

10. What is a system that is intended or designed to be broken into by an attacker called?

a. Honey Pot

b. Honey Bucket

c. Decoy

d. Spoofing...

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