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Quotes from Antigone Pg 1 to 22

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Antigone (Quotes from 1 to page 22)

"Not to give way when everything's against her." – Chorus (speaking about Antigone and is evidence of hubris)
For Zeus…struck him down…..Mighty Ares…Bacchic Fury – Chorus (gods helped kill the enemies)
What, would you bury him? Against the proclamation?.....When Creon has forbidden it – Ismene (to Antigone about burying Polynices) (shows her respect of kingly right)
I shall not prove disloyal –Antigone (hubris, devotion to family, divine law)
We travel the behest or power of Kings. We must remember we are women born. Unapt to cope with men…mightier than ourselves- Ismene (to Antigone. This shows her inaction, respect to the laws of state and men, position of women)
Far longer is there need I satisfy those nether Powers, than powers on Earth. For there for ever must I lie – Antigone (divine laws over human laws)
Your heart beats hotly. For chilling work – Ismene (Antigone is too rebellious and takes pride in her action against the state and for the gods)
I know that those approve whim I most need to please - Antigone (gods)
Right loyal ever to kingly power – Creon (addresses the Chorus, loyalty to kings not gods)
Vilest of men. Him too, whoever sets a friend before his native land. I prize at nothing -Creon (law of the land is the most important)
I will not sit in silence-Creon (proactive kind, protects his people “No man shall bury, none should wail for him…..Such is my will”-Creon (Right as King)
Death is the penalty. But men right often are brought to ruin, through their dreams of gain – Creon
No trace that a wild beast or any hound had come or torn up the carcase-Sentinel (maybe the body was protected by gods?)
This must be something more than natural – Senator (action of the gods?)
To say that guardian deities would care for this dead body is intolerable – Creon (refuses to consider than the gods...

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