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Especially Prepared/or El Paso High School Reunion 1010512012 This is only an estimated price quote. Totals may vary depending on the needs of the host on the actual function date.



lhit Price
32.95 $ $ $ $ $ $ $ 22% $ 8.25% $ $



$ $
Subtotal Service Charge Sales Tax

2,471.25 543.68 248.73

Food Total Audio Visual


Subtotal Service Charge Sales Tax

22% 8.25%

Audio Visual Total Room Rental 1 ROOM RENTAL
Subtotal Service Charge Sales Tax

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $
250.00 250.00 55.00 18.30


22% 6.00%

Room Rental Total Beverage


Hotel Occupancy Tax

8 75

$ $ $ $

50.00 35.00 6.00 2.50

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

50.00 35.00 48.00 187.50 0.08



Room Rental Total Grand Total For Your Event

3,907.54 3,907.54

Balance Pending

A 22% Taxable Service Charge, Plus 8.25% State Taxes will be applied to all Food & Beverage, Audio Visual and Room Rental Costs

Compfete (}Jar ([Jack-age ((}Jeverage
(CFricetf(J'er (J'erson, (J'er hour 6asetf on tlie (J'ac~e Sefected)


CftPE(}UN(] One J{our - $10.00

cTwo J{our- $14.00 crJiree J{our - $18.00 PourJ{our- $22.00


One J{our - $14.00 cTwo J{our - $18.00 crJiree J{our - $22.00 PourJ{our- $26.00
SVCPF/l{~!M.IV!M. ',...

One J{our- $16.00 cTwoJ{our- $20.00 crJiree J{our- $26.00 PourJ{our- $30.00

Core Catering Wines

Cliampaane/Spark!ino (9darquis tfe fa trouT)
$34.00(per 6ottfe)

Cliartfonnay (Canyon lJWad) (]linot qrifJio (Cavit) Ca6emet SauviBnon (Canyon lJWad) 9derfot (Canyon lJWad) White Zinfantle( (Sui"ter Home)

$32.00 (per (Bottfe)

7(osher Ca.tering (Pour

Cliartfonnay ('R§canati) Ca6emet SauviBnon ('R§canati) 9derfot

$32. 00 (per (Bottfe)

I ta{ian-flnemeaCatering (Pour

C!iQ,r'!onnay (Cq,vit) (]linot qrifJio (Cavit) (]linot g(oir (Cavit) Chianti Cfassico (lJWcca (})effa 9dacie) 9de.rfot (Cavit)

$32.00 (per (Bottfe)

}lustra{ian-fJneme Caterino CPour

Cliartfonnay (Jaco6's Cree~ Ca6emet Sau:vinnon (Jaco6's Cree~ !Merfot (Jaco6's Cree~ Sfriraz (Jaco6's Cree~

$32.00 ·(per (]Jottfe)

*!Must liave (4) wee~notice prior to ortferino any )lustrai{ian or Italian 'Wines

CBuffit Styfe (j)inners

(])inner (jJuffet
(!Minimum 50 fPeopfe) CBeefsteatq'omato-Sweet Onion-!MaytOfJ tBfeu Clieese fPfatter CaesarSafiuf PieftflJreen Safatf, }f.ssortea(})ressi1ll/s Clii{{ea fl'orteUini Safiuf -Selection oftfliree ~ntrees­ SficeatgjJast !New %rtStrip tBraiseaSfwrt tRj6s }f.sian CBeefStir-Pry jlppfe Stufiea fPort£oin Cliic~n (Jliccata Cliic~n tgjJsemary Cliic~n SaCtim60cca Searea Pillet ofSalmon witli Wfwle lJrain !Mustara fPannesan CrusteaSwortfJisli fPenne CBofoonese Wliite Clietftfarjlu lJratin fPotatoes, Wiftf tJUce Presli SeasonaltVeoeta6fes Wann tgjJ{{s andCButter Som6rero fl'orte, Carrot Ca~, CBfact Porest Ca~, 7(entuc9 CBour60n fPecan fPie Coffee, (})eca!feinatefcoffee,

Cliic~n CBreast Sficetf,~maine

Le,ttuce, Caesar(])ressi1l{J, Presli Cl'armesan Clieese atuflJ'omatoes, SU1J.4)riealJ'omato lJ'ortiffa .ftmaretto }f1motuf Clieeseea~ Coffee, (])eeaffeinateaCoffee atufKot or IeealJ'ea


soVfJ!JfWESq' PJlJ/q'jI ~q> Cliar...(jjroifeaCBreast of Cliic~n slicetf, ~astea '%aatuf'Y'elTow Cl'eppers, Sliretftf'eaLettuce, CJ'ico tie gaffa, guaeamofe, Sliretftf'ea!Monterey Jae{Clieese, Sour Cream, Spri1l{J greens in CBafsamic (])ressi1l{J Som6rero lJ'orte Coffee, (])eeaffeinateaCoffee atufKot or IeealJ'ea


lPrices are su6ject to 22 % Service Cliaroe atuf 8.25 % Safes lJ'~


qJ{fE (}jfEfEPf£.ftPElJ{
Sliavea(])efi ~ast (Beefon a Prencli (Baauette, Cheddar Cheese, 1Corseratfisli ~ayonnaise, ltufivitfua{(Baas oflPotato Cliips ~cSl:M Jum60 Cootie Clioice ofSotfa or (Bottfe Sprino Water


TJ{fE 1f.ft9d 9dfElJ{ S{icea1Coney qt:azeaJ£am on a Presli (BagUette, Swiss Cheese, ~ayonnaise I tufivitfua{(Bags oflPotato Cliips lPeanut (Butter Cootie Clioice ofSotfa or (Bottfe Sprino 'Water '$18.95


qJ{fE 'tT09d" q:urtCJ, Jfppfe wooaSmo~a(Bacon, Lettuce, q:omato antf ~ayonnaise, Swiss Cheese, I tufivitfua{(Bags oflPotato Cliips Wliite Cliocofate ~acatfamia !Nut Cootie Clioice ofSotfa or (Bottfe Sprino Water

~u{ti-qrain ~{(

fPrices are su6ject to 22 % Service Cliarae antf 8.25 % Safes q:~



'WediJe Saftuf: 'WediJe ofIce6erg Lettuce, CDicetf'Toinato, Cftoppetf;4.ppfewootfCBacon, CBfeu Clieese mressing CBonefess CBreast of griffetf Cliic~n, Sun-

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