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Qvc Case Study

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Case Study (Dess, 2014 p. C63)

Pamela Bates
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January 28, 2016

BUSA 5090 Strategic Management
Dr. Lee

Case Study Joseph Segel founded QVC in 1986 and started televising the very same year. Since that time they have become one of the leading multimedia retailers. Oddly enough, they were not the first company in the multimedia retail. HSN (Home Shopping Network) entered the market two years prior. Embedded in its name, QVC, is quality, value, and convenience. Televising to over 200 million households via cable and satellite services, they have spread throughout the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan and recently Italy. Small businesses and entrepreneurs have found they can appeal to a larger audience using QVC's airspace to promote their products to skeptical consumers. QVC has expanded to the Internet and created mobile shopping applications for smartphones and tablets to provide convenience to their customers. They also provided a credit program and a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee. Their products were not just various, they were unique, and some of them were even exclusive. This advantage allowed them to overtake the other competitors within the industry. "Leading product categories include beauty, electronics, home goods, apparel and accessories, and jewelry." (QVC, 2015) Regularly scheduled programs offer the majority of products for QVC. They found that the idea of sight, sound and motion were the best way to sell a product. They felt that it was more effective than presenting a product in print or just putting the product on the store shelf. The QVC shopping network is available 24 hours a day which broadens the customer base for those who are working different work schedules and lifestyles. They feature several top designers and celebrities to appear live on shows to entice…...

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