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What is right? What is wrong? The study of ethics is nothing if not a complex topic, what might be right for someone might not be for another. In this particular case I fell Darlene Druyun is acting unethical. Among the twelve categories of ethical dilemmas in the Article by Jennings, Darlene falls into a few.
“ Buying Influence or engaging in Conflict of Interest”, Is one of the ethical dilemmas mentioned. Darlene was in charge of contracting airplane manufactures for defense contracts. She often dealt with Boeing Inc. through which she got to know many Boeing mangers. When her daughter and son-in-law could not find new employment, she tried to influence Boeing managers to hire them by indicating that she would be favorable towards Boeing in offering contracts. She is abusing her job by engaging in this kind of favoritism towards a company that has helped secure jobs for her daughter and son-in-law in confidence that Darlene will offer the contracts to Boeing over other companies.
Darlene, I feel, is in the middle of what is called in the article as, “Balancing Ethical dilemma.” Her family members are unemployed and on the verge of losing their unemployment benefits. She feels a need, a responsibility to help them. She is in a position to use her contacts developed on her job to help them get a job. I don think her helping her family member to get a job through the network she developed at her job. After all networking is one of the most talked about subject in college. I feel Darlene was unethical when she hinted that she would be favorable towards Boeing if they hired her family members. She did not get the balance right and thus I feel she has been unethical.
The ethics model -The Front-page-of-the-Newspaper test- can be applied here. This test requires that a decision maker envision how a reporter would describe the decision on the front page of the…...