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Proper office etiquette means when in the work face treat the job seriously. A part of working for a company means that when on their time you represent not only yourself but the professionalism of that company. Many companies want employees that can work well with others and bring enjoyment to the work place. A show of commitment and integrity also will be helpful in the advancement to manager or higher levels of the company. Honesty ranks high on the list not just to the company but the other employees that you will work with. The willingness to sometime swallow your pride and except jobs to help the company is always a plus. I have always looked at a job as if is my company ,corporation or work environment. Since I have been in business for myself I feel the need to put the same effort into whatever job that I’m doing. If the job calls for a strict dress code then follow the dress code. You should know if the job requires you to dress business /formal that usually means you have to wear a suit. If semi -professional you can usually wear a pair of casual dress paints and a button up. Attendance is a must always one of the critical elements in the success of any company. Many companies look for individuals who have shown or have been punctual in school or on the worksite.
A lot of companies want to know, should they take a chance on you? Always follow the rules that have been set in place. Some employees forget this important point. Do not deviate from this rule a lot of times you may be terminate from that company. If possible enjoy yourself ,work, learn and respect others and your job and you should be ok.

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