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Race and Ethic

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Brittany M. McLean
Dr. Tricarico
September 16, 2011
Race and Ethnicity What is Race and Ethnicity? Race and Ethnicity is usually determined by a person’s look. Their skin complexion, the shape of their eyes, their figure, and their attitude language. According to scholars there is no real definition of race, “Race is an idea”, so they haven’t found a real definition for Race. Ethnicity is mostly said to be pass down from their ancestors (from generation to generation). What is Race? 1. “Race is a cultural term that Americans use to describe what a person's ancestry is, and that unfortunately brings with it many misconceptions and erroneous biological connotations.” For this meaning, it is making the conception that Race is biological element which is passing down from our ancestors to us; which would more likely revile ours race just from looking at our body features they may determine or have an idea of what race they are apart. 2. “Is the general belief among the scientific community that race has no biological or natural basis and that the "race" related physical variations found in humans have no real significance except for the social/cultural importance put on them by people.” For this definition it’s stating that Race has no biological relative found in human. Its people who put an actually develop their cultural behaviors themselves to put it as there own category. 3. "The concept of race is a social and cultural construction. . . . Race simply cannot be tested or proven scientifically,'' In this meaning it telling us that there is “NO BIOLOGICAL” ties to Race, and it also can not be proven if they try which they already did. It is and idea people themselves came up with to separate themselves from other. What is Ethnicity? 1. “ “ethnic identities” are a subset of identity categories in which...

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