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Race and Social Class Issues

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The Fresh Prince of Bel Air has a lot of aspects in it that deals with societal issues that are rarely seen because this show is a comedy. There are specific episodes that really show some of these issues but look at them in a comical way. If you can get away from the comical part of it, you could really delve deep into these episodes and really find and pick apart some aspects that address major issues. The show can be looked at and broken up into three sections: Race, class, and family dynamic. I will look at and analyze these three sections using Stuart Hall’s Model of Encoding and Decoding and go through the steps involved in this model, and connect them with some episodes and some aspects of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.
Using Stuart Hall’s Encoding and Decoding Model of Communication, we will use a few examples from the show The Fresh Prince of Bel Air which deal with race. For each of these examples all four stages of the encoding and decoding model of communication will be applied. In one episode, Will and Carlton were driving to Palm Springs to meet up with the rest of their family, and they were following all laws and ended up getting pulled over and even taken to jail. For the first stage which is production, I look at examples of other movies or television shows, and look at what The Fresh Prince of Bel Air does. In a lot of movies and television shows, when there is a scene that involves a traffic stop, in order to build suspense, the cameras will only show the police officers feet walking up to the car, or a flashlight on the car. But in this scene, the cameras show the police officer’s whole body, in order to show that the officer was white and that it was a racially charged situation. This show was circulated on network television and they were targeting a very wide audience. If it was on cable it would cut down a large portion of the...

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