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Race Illusion

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In the video “Race Illusion” we learn about how throughout history people tend to differentiate between races. We are introduced with the obvious fact that individual human beings are different. Our eyes, skin color, body shape and hair form all confirm this. Daily we use our visual differences into 4 or 5 groups. Not only that, many have this belief that athletic ability, musical aptitude and intelligence plays a part biologically that race is a real thing. In this video we are introduced to a group of students who take part in a DNA workshop. In this DNA workshop, students are to compare their skin colors, type their blood and swab inside their mouth for cell extract for a small portion of their DNA. These group of students include all the races in the world or ethnicity. We have the blacks, the asians, the whites and although not a race, a hispanic too. Those who are of the same race believe that the results will reveal similar backgrounds. So if you’re white, you and the other white student will have very similar DNA. Quite a few of these kids that took part in this DNA workshop were left surprised. For example one kid traced his roots back to Ukraine but to his surprise his results showed ethnic backgrounds from the Balkan peoples and Africa. The world as we know it is much more complicated than we think and race is more than an idea that we prescribe to biology. We see color and we think if a person is a certain race they’ll automatically have different advantages than you and that their bodies are formed differently because of their race. Furthermore, we have a long history of searching for racial differences. This video explained how scientists would take their time out to work and map out people. Calibrated skull sizes were mapped out and based on a person’s skull size it’d automatically tell if the person was inferior or superior to having intelligence.…...

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