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Race in Society

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All across America, conflicts with policemen are being highly focused on in the media especially if it involves a black American man or Latino. The media has chosen to pick this racial conflict with aggressive policemen and to broadcast any video they can find online to use to further increase the outrage in the black community. It has become a national issue of unnecessary police violence that seems to be along the lines of past racial profiling. Only incidents where the suspect has an ethnic background have seem to make national news. This past week’s news broadcasts an unfortunate event on April 2 in Oklahoma where a reserve deputy pulled the wrong weapon from his belt and shot a man instead of using his taser in the struggle. This man unfortunately died from his gunshot. This event was followed by another event on April 4 in South Carolina where another police officer shot a fleeing unarmed man eight times which also resulted in death. Both men were of color with their deaths shocking their communities. This had been a routine traffic stop that turned deadly which looked unnecessary from watching a video. In both of these cases the policemen have been charged. Shocking video released just days ago show a male suspect walking the streets holding a rifle and then suddenly being struck with speeding a police car. This incident occurred in February but the video was just released. The police are saying that the suspect refused to listen and follow police directions by firing the rifle in the air. This ramming of the suspect was necessary to protect the public according to them. The video itself shows excessive force for most viewing it. This man happened to be Latino which made those who looked upon the video question if the excessive force was due to his race. Luckily this man survived this police violence. These videos of police violence have been broadcasted across America on the news channels and have resulted in demonstrations protesting excessive force of police. Even small towns across America are now starting to demonstrate against violence in their own communities. The police are starting to loose respect from the citizens they are supposed to protect because of this outbreak of unnecessary violence that go beyond normal restraint. I have to agree with the majority that in most of these cases the violent excessive force was not necessary to take down the suspect. Videos of violent whites are never showed to be taken down with as excessive force as the other races. However, viewing a video is quite different than actually being there in the moment and having only a few seconds on how to decide how to take a suspect down. Police have a difficult career and have to face life and death situations in a quick second which does sometime result in poor choices but they do need to be accountable for their actions.

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