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Club IT Part 2
University of Phoenix

Club IT Part 2

After meeting with Lisa and Ruben, I came up with several ideas for Club IT to become more successful throughout. I researched several project development methodology that could bring Club IT to a whole new level as far as business and information technology. I was also able to give Lisa some suggestions on how to keep Club IT's edge as high energy and high impact as possible through club and public resources such as network applications (University of Phoenix, 2012). I have also identified three business problems at Club IT and plan on fixing those problems as soon as possible with my suggestions.
The project method methodology that I have decided to go with for the company is rapid application development. I chose this methodology because it can combine a number of tools and user requirements such as prototyping and joint application design to rapidly produce a high quality system (Rainer & Turban, 2009). This methodology is important because it allows the users in the company to be involved from the start as well as speed up systems development.
Three business problems at Club IT are the website, computer hardware, and Internet. These three problems are huge for Club IT because these problems are slowing Club IT's business down. By upgrading and fixing these problems, Club IT could be better than ever. Club IT's website has been a problem because the website lacks the same excitement and advertisement as Club IT itself. It is important that the club make necessary changes to the website to improve business and sales. Some solutions for the website would be to update the website with several features including a blog about the club, music and the entertainment where customers can enjoy reading about. Also another solution would be to enhance the website with…...